What is This Full-Frontal Nudity of the Soul Thing All About?

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When one writes with the strongest of personal emotional integrity, for their readers, the work’s intensity is like lightning crackling through the forest of their words.

Full-Frontal Nudity of the Soul for Writers is what many writers share on their pages in the form of beliefs, knowledge, and emotions.

Ottessa Moshfegh on her own writing

When I explained the concept to Ottessa Moshfegh when she was touring and promoting her book, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, I asked her how much FFNotS was in the book. (This is an affiliate link with Amazon where your purchase may earn me a small commission at no expense to you.)

Her immediate reply was, “There’s definitely some side-boob action going on.”

Yes, I was stunned.

But it goes to show you, full-frontal nudity of the soul for writers, that’s where you can reach readers. And of course, once you reach them, spend the rest of your book contorting them to the end!

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My name is Donald J. “Donny” Claxton. In print, I use Donald J. Claxton because even friends I have known for decades misspell “Donny” all the time.

Through the benefit of the US Air Force’s former Strategic Air Command, I have moved 32 times in the last five decades.

I’ve written for gubernatorial and presidential candidates, police departments, governors, judges, school superintendents, mayors, corporations, and news outlets.

As important, I have three full-length novels in revision. My intention is to attract a New York City-based agent who will help me find a willing publisher for each of them.

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